How to Set HDMI audio passthrough with bitstream in Kodi / XBMC

Step 1 – Make sure your system configured for audio bitstream

Find the corresponding way to set audio your bitstream output between the different models below:

ZIDOO_X9 : Settings→System→sound→S/PDIF→RAW






SETTING→Sound Devices Manager→HDMIBitstream

Step 2 –KODI-Settings:

Step 1. Open Kodi / XBMC, Hover over System and then click on Settings

Step 2: Click Settings level to Advanced or Expert.

Step 3:  Return to Audio output and select Enable passthrough

Note: You don’t need to select the Number of channels, leave all the other settings above Enable passthrough at default values.

Step 4: Scroll down and select all the options

This completes the audio bitstreatm settings.


For more information refer to: