Functional overview

*  Customized Android 7.1 and it is perfectly combined with media player and streaming media player;

* Brand new ZIUI operating user-interface perfectly matched to the TV scene and easy to use;

* Supports HDR10 technical, and also supports 10bit 4K@60HZ outputs;

* Powerful decoding capability goes with auto frames switching technique, and supports VP9, H.264/10bit, 4K UHD H.265/10bit, 3D ISO MVC etc,…

* Powerful streaming media compatibility and enable to play all kinds of online video;

* Zidoo exclusive media center; supports SAMBA/ NFS. It is also the same as PC, which supports some normal operations of the file like copy, paste and delete, etc;

* Powerful subtitle system with subtitle downloader built-in, and automatically online subtitle searching based on the current movie. Supports any kind of subtitle effects (Size, Color, Frame, Shade etc); exclusive function of supporting customized font;

* Lossless music supports and Zidoo exclusive music player allows APE, WAV, FLAC and so on music formats; supports CUE list and build your own Playlist;

* Powerful internet performance; 100M self-adaptive cable network and 802.11AC dual-frequency Wi-Fi and can meet all kinds of environment;

* 4.1 Bluetooth low power chips built-in and able to connect speakers, keyboards, mouse and other peripherals;

* Perfectly support multi-channel and RAW outputs;

* Zidoo exclusive lip sync technology goes with short cut key function and enable to switchover subtitle by one click;

* Unique timing hibernates and shut down;

* With global CDN OTA upgrade system built in; timely firmware updates on and keep updating on new technology;

* High quality hardware and thermal design can be long and stable operate.

The New UI

With zidoo’s custom user interface, applications and workflow have been simplified to make for and easy, but rich user experience making the most advanced operations a simple, easy operation allowing for greater user setup and operation speed.

ZIDOO X7  box android apps box

Chip upgrade

Zidoo X7 is equipped with a completely new quad core processor RK3328 , using ARM Cort ex-A53 framework, the primary frequency can be up to 1.5GHz; the processor with high-speed, can be with multi-tasking and making image rendering well.

Android 7.1

The zidoo X7 is based on android 7.1, supporting applications such as GOOGLE PLAY, YouTube, Netflix,Skype and many more.

A great box with fantastic compatibilities to meet the most demanding entertainment expectations!

ZIDOO X7  box android apps box
ZIDOO X7  box android apps box


bigger games run smoothly

8GB eMMC Memory :
more secure and reliable

Enough Storage
ZIDOO X7  box android apps box

Dual Band WIFI

Zidoo X7 uses the Broadcom AP6255 dual-band WIFI which supports IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n, 802.11ac and 2.4GHz/5GHz. 802.11ac draft connected to the wireless LAN allows it to achieve speeds of up to 433.3 Mbps with single stream.

ZIDOO X7  box android apps box

Bluetooth 4.1

Additionally, the Bluetooth 4.1 module allows connection to your Bluetooth speakers, Keyboard,Mouse and many more.

Broad compatibility with videos

Play everything you want,Such as MKV, MP4, BD-ISO , 3D MVC,VP9, etc..

ZIDOO X7  box android apps box

Uncover the detail with 4K

Zidoo X7 supports decoding of 4K@60P HEVC(h.265)10bit.Images are sharpened and refined using Professional image processing technology picture processing which upscales and enhances every pixel for remarkable clarity.

ZIDOO X7  box android apps box

HDR(High Dynamic Range)

Zidoo X7 supports HDR (high dynamic range) technology, with the help of this technology, the video image is more clearly visible, the nightscapes are much richer, more realistic shade with contrasts.

Enhanced Color by 10-bit

Zidoo X7 supports a wider spectrum (BT.2020) and 10-bit color, totaling 1.06 billion colors insteadFrom the old 8-bit color technology to provide 16 million colors. Color reproduction is higher, more delicate quality.

ZIDOO X7  box android apps box
ZIDOO X7  box android apps box

HDMI 4K * 60fps

Zidoo X7 supports HDMI output with the resolution 4K*2K@60fps. And X7 also has UHD frame rate@60fps that can enjoy 18Gbps data transfer and 10-Bit real-color without any data loss.

ZIDOO X7  box android apps box


X7 equipped with USB 3.0 interface to provide you with a maximum transfer rate of 5Gbps, and fully compatible with USB2.0 devices, you can connect to all kind of USB storage devices and expand space

ZIDOO X7  box android apps box

Sensitive remote control range

Zidoo X7 with a large area of ​​the window design, the use of diamond-shaped array of light refraction principle, making X7 has excellent remote control range and distance.

Zidoo Media Player

Zidoo X7 comes built in with the powerful zidoo media player,which supports 3D MVC frame packing (Blue Ray),.X7 adopts the standard OMX decode method so as to become more compatible,the users can smoothly enjoy abundant Add-ons.

ZIDOO X7  box android apps box