How to flash ZIDOO X9S

NOTE: Please remove all the external storage device(such as Sdcard、SATA、USB)on X9s before you flash it. Just keep the one USB your need for falshing.

There is some risk for flashing your ZIDOO_X9S BOX, please be quite careful to make it.(It will clean out user data entirely, if you are not professional, please be cautious to do it.)

The following Flashing Process is about ZIDOO X9S, attaching ZIDOO X9S TV BOX:

First, do some preparation:


② a quite fine needle, you can use other finer tools instead of it, such as toothpick, etc. ( In order to hold down the Reset button );

③U disk, ensuring that it is as below the format of FAT32;

At the beginning, you need to download the zip ROM and Unzip to install.img (make sure the ROM named "install.img",If not,

please correct it link of the version v1.2.3: , then copied to the Root Directory of the Udisk you’re ready, not other files.

Then, insert U disk into one of USB2.0 port, as shown below red line mark.

Flash your box now: First,press the reset button then turn on the power by the same time,

if you have connect to TV, the TV will show the schedule,proved that you are flashing now,(If not shown, please do not power off either,just wait for 5minute until the vfd shows "hello")

this flash process about two minutes ) , after finishing flashing will showed you install completed,

then it will enter the system automatically(It will be a little longer for the first

time, about 2 minutes),