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How to Use Google Play Store in Zidoo Media Players?

How to Use Google Play Store in Zidoo Media Players?

Users who have purchased Zidoo RTD1619DR series products (including Z9X,Z10pro and Z1000pro) could get Google Play Store and use it by 2 steps below:

1.Upgrade firmware with Google Play Store

Users who want to use Google Play Store are needed to upgrade to firmware version with Gby OTA upgrading method.



Firmware: V6.0.22_G


MD5: FDEE9B5DA1AB542F02E8760948387840


Model: Z10 Pro

Firmware: V6.0.22_G


MD5: 9A404051009BC0DC6194B4F16E056E6C


Model:Z1000 Pro

Firmware: V6.0.22_G


MD5: A08DE3C88CE4F4A833230771C19BA4AE


Warm Tips: firmware version with G and without G have no difference except Google Play Store;

If you have upgraded to firmware with G already, make sure to upgrade G firmware again next time. Zidoo will release G firmware in regular correspondingly.



2.Activate Google Play Store

Please kindly following the guidance below to activate Google Play Store and access successfully.


1. Turn on Z9X device and make sure WiFi/Ethernet is connected. Network could be set by  Quick Settings> Network>WiFi/Ethernet.



2. Find Quick Settings>Other>About>GSF ID. Take a note/picture to remember GSF ID numbers, it is needed to input these numbers later.

*If no GSF ID showing up, please click Google Play Store icon by Home Page>APPS>Google Play Store, GSF ID will display after accessing Google Play Store.


3. Press MOUSE button on remote to enter MOUSE mode. GSF ID numbers could be clicked in MOUSE mode by pressing OK button.

*When you want to exit MOUSE mode, just click MOUSE button on remote again.





4. After clicking GSF ID numbers, you will see pages to login in Google Account and Password, then input the GSF ID numbers, click Register to finish Google Play Store activation.

*Any Google Account that has never been activated for Z9X device could be used.

*Step 3 or 4 above could also be finished on cell phone or computer through the website below:






5. Access Google Play Store by Home Page>APPS>Google Play Store.

*If showing errors, please restart Zidoo media player