True 4K Media Player

Power by Amlogic S905,Quad-core 64-bit ARM  Cortex-A53 CPU,
maximum frequency up to 2Ghz,Penta-core ARM  Mali-450 GPU,
ZIDOO X5 features itself the true 4K media player.Based on 64-Bit CPU,
ZIDOO X5 is compatible with 64-bit Android Lollipop&Games etc,
and it easily supports the 4K @60fps TV.

Support 10-Bit movies

ZIDOO X5 can decode 10-Bit hardware.
10-Bit is an encoding calcuation method on video and each color channel has 1024 grades,
which means10-Bit has much better color display than 8-Bit that has only 256 grades.

HDMI 2.0  4k*60p

ZIDOO X5 support hdmi output the resolution 4K*2K@60fps
ZIDOO choose the hi-end HDMI cable as standard accessories to match X5
You can enjoy large-scale games which require UHD frame rate@60fps
and can enjoy 18Gbps data transfer and 12-Bit real-color without any data losing on ZIDOO X5

H.265 Hardware Decoding

ZIDOO X5 supports H.265 video decoding which transfers the same quality
video data at half of the bandwidth Comparing to H.264.
User can enjoy the high-resolution video with a very fast speed without any stuck.


Built-in ZIDOO unique PMU power management chip, ZIDOO X5 can achieve completely switch
IR Contral and dormancy function
It is the first Android TV BOX support auto power off and standby

Android 5.1

Pre-installed Android 5.1 Lollipop,after ZIDOO depth optimization, ZIDOO X5 can offer
smoother multi-tasking for users to switch among applications easily and offer more

Unified Storage

ZIDOO X5 original firmware uses  unified storage,
more available space than other device,you can install more applications

Support 4k*2k H.265
Hardware Decoding

Pre-installed ZIDOO customized ZDMC(based upon Kodi)  support Hardware decoding
ZIDOO X5 Pro offers 4K*2K HEVC 10bit UHD video playback, support 4K@60fps,
support HD Audio(7.1CH) passthrough、24P frame rate auto switch.
Allows Free access to UNLIMITED MOVIES, TV SHOWs,

and LIVE SPORT EVENTS without any monthly bills via kodi Addons!!

Watch your favorite movies and live streams with vivid and smooth playback.


By ZIUI, you can use the most simple operation to manage applications, files,
set the parental lock, speed system, everything goes with the flow Certainly, it is pretty nice


X5 has been built-in the programpaket of ZIDOO MEDIA CENTER,
which cost ZIDOO a whole year to develop
It’s been never so simple to operate album, manage files, play music, access to LAN.
During using a number of features, you would know how powerful it is.


Airplay,airmirror,DLNA,microcast,zidoo rc,google remote  all in one!!


Through ZIDOO RC, you can use your favorite operating way to control X5 with your cell phone

IR Shortcut and learning

The new smart IR remote with progrmmable keys offers a great easy way
to control not only the X5  Octa-core but also the TV at your home
It also supports three programmable color-keys that customizes to open  apps quickly

Support HDMI CEC Control


Cloudfront CDN-----Ota

We use the global Cloudfront CDN services, you can easily and stably to get OTA upgrade
in any corner of the world. You will see, our active and iterative firmware. All of these are free

It's the difference between ZIDOO and fake brands

Three for one, real brand, guaranteed for quality and services.
As known to all, those fake brands, all about these are nothing.

As you can see, ZIDOO attaches great importance to product quality,
using the best quality electronic components,
complying with the environmental friendly
and compulsive standard all over the world.

We know that quality is the life of an enterprise.