The ZIUI launcher with a custom feature make it easy for users to customize their own themes and widgets,
App icons, even adjust the scroll effects and transitions.
Moreover,a App Lock feature on launcher allows users to create a password that is required to access certain App

Setup Wizard

The efficient setup wizard enable users to setup everything in few seconds to
enjoy their good time


Users can intuitively manage their desktop,set shortcuts for Apps,customize the themes.
They can also specify a startup App such as ZDMC for more convenient use.

Media Center

Media Center support SMB, NFS, etc, compatible with lots of file formats,
and provide different viewing modes.

ZIDOO Weather

Make good reference to travel rely on the Zidoo weather app.
Acknowledge the weather anywhere in the world.
Easilly specify your current city and timezone. Find the weather forecasts by hoursly or days.

Media Player

Hardware decoding, HEVC 10Bit UHD video, HDR technology, 3D view. Online subtitles,
Meet all needs of the movie enthusiasts.


Cool user interface. HD audio. Support variety of formats. Realistic animated background.

Shortcut Key

Setting shortcuts of your remote for key features such as start a app, pause in playback,
capture screen, and more

APP Installer

Easily install tons of application from your U-disk or your computer.


How to do without a remote? Zidoo RC helps you controlling everything immediately through your smartphone.


Address your operation difficulties,we hope you find it more fun.


Continuously update, make the box more and more perfect

Clean Up

Cleaning up the memory , Say good bye to lag.

Power Manager

Pretty interface, especially have standby, shutdown, timing off for selection.
A very simple user interface, it provides 3 selections to users for more personalized use.