Wireless Keyboard


Full Qwerty



Shortcut Input

LED Status Indicator

With 2.4 G connection, auto pairing

Plug 2.4G adaptor into device to make adaptation done. It is not only support TV box, but also Mac/ Windows/ HTPC/ XBOX and so on.

Excellent full qwerty design

Scientific keyboard layout, and also includes multiple short-cuts. Perfect solution for TV text input problem.

Feel comfortable of using both sides

Adopt high quality press key elements and makes you feel great of using it.

Double Keyboards

Built-in battery

Built-in battery, farewell of frequently battery change

Durable Battery

Key description


It contains a sports sensor to sense gyroscope in order to perfectly mimic the operation path of the mouse. The unique anti-shake function makes operation more accurate.


Familiar feeling of hand-hold

V6 gives you familiar feeling of hand-hold. Although it has powerful function, still will be the same one as before.

Perfect Hand-hold