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How to watch video content in XBMC

First, you will open the XBMC app, then you will select from one of the following programs depending on what you want to watch.

XBMC TV Shows On Demand

1Channel aka Primewire is the best program. After opening XBMC, open 1Channel and on the next screen simply click on TV Shows. You can then choose from lists such as Most Popular and Highly Rated. You can also search by Genre which will give you all the TV shows in the category you select such as comedy, action, etc...When looking for a specific show, simply click search and a text box with a keyboard under it will appear. If using a wireless keyboard just type the name of the show you’re looking for, if you are using the Skystream remote you will have to manually enter the title using the onscreen keyboard. Click the done button at the top left of the box and it will perform your search and automatically list the results when finished.

Other XBMC Add Ons for TV Shows

·         I Watch Online

·         Project Free TV

·         Navi-X

·         Simply Player

·         CliQ

·         Mash Up

XBMC HD Movie on Demand

Icefilms is the program you're going to use when it's time to watch a movie. When you open the program you will select Movies on the list. On the next screen you can search for movies by genre, release date, most popular, etc.. There is also a category titled 720p, this will contain HD movies only and contain the same searching features on the first menu. Of course if you're looking for a specific movie, simply click search and type the name of it in and click the DONE button.

Other XBMC Add Ons for HD Movies & Movies

·         I Watch Online

·         Project Free TV

·         Navi-X

·         Simply Player

·         MashUp

·         Much Movies HD

·         CliQ

XBMC Live TV Channels & Custom Show Channels (All one Show)

• Mash Up is an amazing program that can literally be used for just about everything, but it's the best program to use for a few different things such as watching live streams of your favorite cable channels. On the main menu you would simply click the tab titled Live streams and more, and then you would continue on by clicking the option on the next screen that best fits what you're looking to watch. The one titled kimo5 is one of all around best.

There are a few sub categories to choose from on kimo5 that are pretty self explanatory. If you can't find what you're looking for there, just go back and try clicking around on some of the other options on the previous menu screen. You'll be amazed at all the things you can find by looking around all over the mash up program.

Other XBMC Add Ons for Live TV Channels & Custom Show Channels

·         Navi X

·         CliQ

·         Veetle

XBMC Sport

Sports Devil is all sports and nothing else. When you open the program the first thing you will click to watch live sporting events is Live Sports. Then next page will contain a list of different providers you can stream from. You're first choice is going to be wiziwig, after selecting it a menu of different sports will come up and you will click whatever sport you are trying to watch a game of. After selecting Ice Hockey for example, the program will refresh and bring you to a menu of games currently being played as well as upcoming games in the near future. They will all be clearly labeled and you will click the game you wish to watch which will bring up the next menu containing the list of different sites you can stream it from. This can sometimes be a bit of a trial and error process because not all of the links are always going to work all the time, and the quality can vary from stream to stream. I suggest going down the list until you find one that's up and running and good quality. Keep in mind, if you cannot find a working stream on one site, go back a few screens and then try a different site. Repeat if necessary until you find your game. When you find streams you like the best, make a mental note on what site they were on and which providers streams you were looking at when you found it. Ex: Wiziwig and the stream was titled "lag (10)".

This comes in handy because if it works for you once chances are it's a stream you'll be able to use again for watching that specific sports teams games.

Mash Up can also be used for sports, simply click the sports tab on the main menu and navigate your way through the different menus and streams in there. Kimo5 has always been a reliable source for live sports streams, mashup sports also has some quality streams on it. Kimo5 doesn't usually label each individual stream, instead you will click a menu saying something like HQ streams and a drop down menu with each stream will just be titled 1-30 down the list. It’s kind of a random mix of different sports games in there sometimes and can be tedious when trying to find a specific game but is a viable option if you're having trouble finding it elsewhere.

Live sports can also sometimes be found in the Live streams and more tab of mash up. Some of the menu options will have sub categories including sports, and if you know the game is on fox or something, you may be able to find a stream of the local fox station airing the game locally in the city it's being played in.

Other XBMC Add Ons for Live Sports & Sports Videos

·         ESPN Video

·         Fightcast

·         Fox Sports

·         MLS Soccer

·         National Hockey League (NHL)

·         NBA Video

·         NFL Teams


·         Redbull TV

·         Navi-X

XBMC Live TV Basic Cable

USTVNOW is a great XBMC Addon for watching the basic cable channels like Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, CW & MY9 for free. You will need to go to and sign up for a free account. Once you have your username and password you will need to open USTVNOW within XBMC. Next you will need to click “Menu” if you are using the ZIDOO_X6 Pro Remote Control or click “C” if you are using a keyboard. Next you will need to click on Add-On Settings. Then click on username and enter the email address that you used to register to USTVNOW. Next enter the password you selected and click done. Now that you have entered your account information go back to “Live” and you will see all of the channels you have access to for free. No need for bunny ears or expensive converters. You now can watch Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, CW & MY9 live for free.

XBMC Music

Pandora is a great music program that is extremely popular with just about everyone these days. Pandora comes preloaded into XBMC on your ZIDOO_X6 Pro. To use Pandora on XBMC you will first need to open the program in XBMC. Once you are inside the XBMC Pandora App you will need to click “Menu” if you are using the ZIDOO_X6 Pro Remote Control or click “C” if you are using a keyboard. You will then need to enter in your Pandora username and password. Once you are complete click Done. Pandora will now log you in. It will also transfer all of your stations into the XBMC Pandora App. Click on the station that you would like to listen to and it will begin playing your favorite music.

Other XBMC Add Ons for Music

·         Apple Itunes Podcasts

·         Broadcastify

·         Digitally Imported

·         Mix Cloud

·         Radio

·         SoundCloud