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zidoo technology service center

How to install or uninstall an addon in Kodi / XBMC

How to use USBDebugging

How to get the Ethernet MAC Address of a ZIDOO Box

How to root your ZIDOO TV Box

How to use the ZIDOO NASKit

How to get log info

How to reset your Zidoo X9S to factory default setting

How to config vpn settings for your box

How to set Samba sharing by OpenWrt for X9S&X8


How to flash X20 Pro

How to upgrade Zidoo X9S

How to use OpenWrt for Zidoo X8, X9S and X10

How to flash X20

How to play 3d movies using the ZIDOOX6 Pro

How to Set HDMI audio passthrough with bitstream in Kodi / XBMC

How to select a special skin for Kodi / XBMC

How To Install 1chief Playlists For Kodi

How To Integrate Specto Into For Kodi Library

Vpn Manager For Openvpn Openelec For Kodi

How To Install Specto For Kodi

XBMC Kodi Buffering

How to watch video content in XBMC

How to root your ZIDOO TV Box

Virtual keyboard for and Air Remote and Physical keyboard on ZIDOO_X6 Pro

How to add video resources in KODI/XBMC

How to Setup PVR IPTV Simple Client Kodi

How to set your language in KODI/XBMC

How to set audio passthrough on X9S & X8

How to open transmission in Openwrt for X8, X9S & X10

Zidoo Home Theater User Guide

Zidoo Music Player User Guide

Zidoo Video Player Menus Overview

Zidoo Subtitle Download Guide

Zidoo Controller APP

How to flash X9S

How to flash X10

Zidoo Playback Settings

Zidoo Display Settings

Zidoo Audio Settings

Zidoo DAC Settings

Zidoo Network Settings

Zidoo Other Settings

Zidoo Remote Control Learning and Bluetooth Pairing

Zidoo Bookmarks Setting

Third-party Apps Installation

WOL Setup Tutorial

Roon Configuration

CD Ripping

Synology NAS SMB and NFS Sharing

TVs’ HDMI 2.0 Enhanced Mode

How to Hide WiFi When Connecting Zidoo with Router

Movie Poster/ Fanart/ Trailer Customization

Zidoo Z9X/Z10PRO Homepage Customization

Zidoo UI Customization

Zidoo UI Customization - Simplified Version

Zidoo Wallpaper

Zidoo Screensaver

Zidoo Movie Soundtrack Customization

Zidoo AV(CVBS) cable standard parameters

Google Play Store Installation

How to flash UHD3000

How to flash Z1000 Pro

External Storage Devices Formatting Guide

How to Activate Google Play Store?

Zidoo Boot Wizard

Virtual keyboard for air remote and physical keyboard

Change your Wi-Fi router channel to optimize wireless signal

ZIDOO Z10 User Manual

ZIDOO Z9S User Manual

ZIDOO X20/X20Pro User Manual

ZIDOO X9S/X10 User Manual

How to upgrade Zidoo Z9S

How to config Samba on Win10

How to flash Z10 Pro

ZIDOO UHD2000 User Manual

How to upgrade Zidoo Z9X, Z10PRO

How to flash Z10

What does the maximum hard drive capacity Zidoo SATA port support?

How to flash Z9S

How to flash Z9X

Can Zidoo remote control be used for all models?

Solution for Google Play Store error

How to flash UHD2000

How to flash NEO X

How to flash NEO S

How to flash Z1000

How to rescue x9s when boot err (X9S save brick ) ?

ZIDOO Z1000 User Manual

ZIDOO UHD3000 User Manual

ZIDOO Z9X User Manual

ZIDOO Z10pro User Manual

ZIDOO Z1000pro User Manual

ZIDOO_RS232 Control Protocol

Why screenshot taken from videos playing by Zidoo internal player is black?

Can Zidoo media players connect with Blu-ray or CD/DVD driver?


Zidoo Gapless Playback

How to upgrade Zidoo Z1000PRO,UHD3000

What's the difference for firmware with G or non-G (Z9X, Z10PRO, Z1000PRO, UHD3000) ?

Roon Ready

Zidoo MQA Technology

Hi-Res Audio Logo

Zidoo Linear Power Supply Patent

ASCII Codes of IR Remote Control

How to upgrade Zidoo NEO X, NEO S,NEO Alpha

ZIDOO_NEO α(Alpha) Manual

Zidoo Releases Airable Compliant Products

How to flash Z9X PRO

How to flash Z20 PRO

How to flash Z2000 PRO

How to flash Z2600

How to flash UHD5000


ZIDOO_Z20 PRO Manual

ZIDOO_Z2000 PRO Manual

ZIDOO_Z2600 Manual

ZIDOO_UHD5000 Manual

How to flash NEO α(Alpha)

A Tutorial to Fix Out-of-Sync Booting Time for Zidoo Media Players