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Basic Setting

Zidoo Tech Service Center

How to reset your Zidoo X9S to factory default setting

How to config vpn settings for your box

How to set Samba sharing by OpenWrt for X9S&X8

How to use OpenWrt for Zidoo X8, X9S and X10

How to set audio passthrough on X9S & X8

How to open transmission in Openwrt for X8, X9S & X10

Zidoo Subtitle Download Guide

Zidoo Playback Settings

Zidoo Display Settings

Zidoo Audio Settings

Zidoo DAC Settings

Zidoo Network Settings

Zidoo Other Settings

Zidoo Remote Control Learning and Bluetooth Pairing

Zidoo Bookmarks Setting

WOL Setup Tutorial

TVs’ HDMI 2.0 Enhanced Mode

How to Hide WiFi When Connecting Zidoo with Router

Zidoo Boot Wizard

Virtual keyboard for air remote and physical keyboard

Change your Wi-Fi router channel to optimize wireless signal

How to config Samba on Win10

A Tutorial to Fix Out-of-Sync Booting Time for Zidoo Media Players