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Zidoo MQA Technology

Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) is a technology which captures and authenticates the sound of the original master recording in a file small enough to stream.

Generally speaking, MQA’s unique encoding process enables high quality music to be ‘folded’ and delivered in the most efficient and sustainable way. Devices or apps with MQA decoding capability can fully ‘unfold’ the MQA file and reveal the original master resolution. They will also authenticate the file to guarantee that it is the definitive master recording from the studio.

Currently Zidoo UHD3000, NEO X, NEO S and NEO Alpha have MQA decoding capability, which can stream original master recording.

Zidoo MQA certified models can be checked on MQA official website via this link:

NEO S supports 8x MQA unfolding, which can decode MQA digital audio completely and enjoy authentic sound.

Along with the improvement of bandwidth, MQA audio will be more and more popular. Zidoo MQA-enabled devices support both MQA playback and decode with best output sound effects for audiophile.

How does Zidoo play MQA?

1. Play MQA files stored in hard drive or NAS by Zidoo Music Player app.

2. Play MQA CD-disc by connecting CD-ROM drive with Zidoo USB port.

3. Connect mobile or PC with Roon installed to Zidoo via USB DAC port.