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Zidoo Gapless Playback

Gapless playback is the uninterrupted playback of consecutive audio tracks, it is a must for a HiFi players and listeners of concert and opera.

As we know, there will be a interval from one track to the next generally, this is non-gapless. Especially for classic music, opera and concert, which have been split into several tracks after they are made into digital CD or SACD files, the interval between tracks will be very annoying.

Most AV products on the market support only same album with same sampling rate. While only some high end CD players and streamers support to flow into next track without pause.

Zidoo supports gapless playback for tracks with both same and different sampling rates. For example, when set "Gapless (192khz)", when playing a track with sampling rate 44.1khz or 96khz, it will upscale to 192khz by Zidoo algorithm.

Zidoo provides gapless playback for both DAC and digital output, several gapless modes are available, including original sampling rate, gapless(44.1khz), gapless(48khz), gapless(88.2khz), gapless(96 khz), gapless(176.4khz), and  gapless(192khz).