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How to upgrade Zidoo Z1000PRO,UHD3000

1, USB flash disk
2, Upgrade file
3, Copy the upgrade file into USB flash disk, then insert the USB flash disk to any USB port in Zidoo
Note: Need't to unzip the downloaded upgrade file

Latest firmware for Z1000pro:Click to check
Latest firmware for UHD3000: Click to check

1. Enter APPS>Update

2. Select USB update

3. The options menu pops up, select[USB Disk Letter]

4.Select the upgrade file from your USB flash disk

5. Verify the upgrade file

6. Waiting to copy file

7. When finished copy, click Update

8. Upgrading(please dont disconnect the power supply at this time)

9. After the upgrade is completed, the system will automatically restart

10. EnterAPPS>update again to check firmware version