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How to set audio passthrough on X9S & X8

1, Set System audio bitstream( there are some difference between HDMI output and SPDIF out put):

Mode one: HDMI audio bitstream (If you use hdmi for audio passthrough,please set this):SETTING→Sound &notification→HDMI output→RAW

Mode two: SPDIF audio bitstream(If you use spdif for audio passthrough,please look this):

①SETTING→PlaybackForce downmix audio

②Choose the RAW option by the path: SETTING→Sound &notification→S/PDIF output→RAW

If your by the native videoplayer for audio bitstream, the settings is finished;  If you by kodi for audio bitstream, please look at 2 ,

2,ZDMC/KODI audio bitstream :

Set System audio bitstream like 1,

② GO to KODI/ZDMC for the bitstream(the same settings by HDMI & Spdif aduio bitstream) :

First: Open ZDMC/KODI, Hover over System and then click on Settings

Second: Set the Settings level in Advance or Expert.

Step 3:  Return to Audio output and select Enable passthrough

Note: You don’t need to select the Number of channels, leave all the other settings above Enable passthrough at default values.

Step 4: Scroll down and select all the options

This completes the ZDMC/KODI SPDIF audio bitstreatm settings.